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Benefits of a Half-Body Sauna or Dome Sauna - Space saving infrared Home Saunas

What are the advantages of a mini or half-body infrared sauna?

The first and most obvious benefit of the half-body sauna is the space saving design because it has such a small footprint and it doesn’t require a large dedicated space to use it comfortably.

The size allows for living in a small space such as an apartment or basement suite, mobile home or even keeping it in a garage, bedroom or corner of a guest room.

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Another very obvious advantage is that you do not need to immerse your entire body in the sauna. Although infrared saunas can be gentler on you than a typical steam sauna, it still gets hot enough that some people find it very difficult to breath the hotter air.

Being able to keep the top portion of your body outside the sauna while the lower part of your body enjoys all the detox and anti-inflammatory effects of the infrared sauna heaters, means you can breathe easier and also avoid any sensation of claustrophobia, if that is an issue for you.

The controls are in easy reach on the top of the sauna itself. No stretching or straining to reach or find the controls. 

It is a great design to allow for watching children, being able to read during your session or even watch TV or enjoy a nice view. The elderly and the infirm also greatly benefit from this wonderful sauna design.

The side door design is easy enough for an elderly person, or anyone with balance concerns, to get in and out themselves without difficulty. 

Elderly enjoy infrared heat therapy with half body sauna

The infrared sauna heaters are therapeutic and gentle for anyone needing treatment on their legs or abdomen. Because the treatment can be localized to the lower extremities, this allows people to manage staying in the infrared heat long enough to get the full benefits. If one had to immerse completely in a large free-standing sauna and was unable to breathe comfortably, they could shorten their stay and reduce their benefits from the sauna sessions.

The localized heat treatment to the lower extremities is ideal for those with arthritis and pain in their legs, hops, knees and feet. Often pain is caused by inflammation and the heat treatment from infrared heat can help reduce this inflammation and subsequently provide pain relieve and sometimes recovery.

For many wheelchair users, this sauna will also be of great usability. The top portion is designed to flip out of the way allowing for ease of access. 

Yes, for some larger people it might be a little tight. 

When a full-sized infrared sauna isn’t a possible solution, we recommend the dome infrared sauna. 

The dome infrared sauna for one is used while lying down. This dome sauna has heaters built in and is a portable design that can be easily tucked away in a corner or closet when not in use. Just as perfect for apartment or suite dwellers.

Massage and other mobile therapists may find that the dome infrared sauna is the perfect solution they can take with them wherever they go to treat their patients. The infrared sauna heat therapy can help reduce pain and inflammation that prevents the best or deepest massage or physiotherapy from taking effect.

dome infrared sauna


Similar to the half-body sauna, the dome infrared sauna allows for the head to remain outside the concentration of heat. The added bonus for some people with the dome sauna is that they can lie down. If dizziness is a concern or sitting up for any length of time is a problem or issue, than the dome sauna may be the best solution.

Either way, without full immersion into a full-sized infrared sauna, a person has infrared heat options.

Both of these sauna units are popular for all of the reasons mentioned and surely many more as people discover them with regular use.

space saving dome sauna

If you are interested in one of these infrared saunas but have more questions, we would be glad to help. Please email us at or call us at 1-866-433-7102.
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