Collection: Enlighten Steam Saunas

These are Enlighten Saunas lines of Outdoor Traditional Steam Saunas with an electric stove with rocks. These saunas can be used dry, without pouring any water on the hot rocks creating humidity, or you can choose to add humidity with water on the rocks, and increasing the temperature in the sauna cabin.

2 Shingled Roof Styles; Peak or Sloped.

2 Models: Moonlight for privacy, Sunrise with more glass for viewing.

State of the art electric heaters with manufacturers warranty included. 4500 Watts, 220 Volts, 20 Amps, NEMA 6-20p plug.

The Enlighten Outdoor Steam Saunas are full kits that include everything you need, if your location and electrical are prepared before-hand. Assembly is easy with a few extra hands to help and can be done in just a few hours.

1-3 person and 4-5 person outdoor steam saunas are available. Corner units are available with a peak shingled roof.

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