Collection: Enlighten Saunas - Infrared Saunas, Traditional Steam Saunas & Hybrid Wet/Dry Saunas

Built for outdoors. Available for indoors.

3 beautifully manufactured sauna lines made with the highest quality Grade 'A' Canadian Western Red Cedar inside and out.

These are the only saunas we carry that are made specifically for outdoors in the USA that come complete with insulated walls and a shingled roof. Your choice of a Sloped or Peaked roof! (Flat, un-shingled roof available for indoors, if preferred.)

The Sierra/Rustic saunas are a truly made for outdoors infrared sauna line with Full-Spectrum Infrared. The Sierra saunas offer privacy, while the Rustic saunas, with more glass, allow for great viewing while sauna bathing and a less closed in feeling.

The hybrid saunas are a combination of Full-Spectrum Infrared and electric wet/dry heaters that offer the steam or dry heat option. This is for those that want both or can't decide between them. Choose the Sapphire line for more privacy or the Diamond sauna when you want a more open look and feel for your sauna experience.

Then you have the new Traditional saunas. These are the Moonlight and Sunrise saunas. The Moonlight traditional saunas are steam/wet/dry heater saunas that provide more privacy and the Sunrise steam saunas offer a more glass.

All of the saunas are available in size options that range from the 2 person capacity to the 5 person capacity. Corner style options are also available. And every line offers the choice of a peak or sloped roof for outdoors, or the flat roof for indoors.

So many options! There is a sauna here for everyone, whatever sauna bathing experience you are looking for. 

We guarantee the Enlighten Saunas are all made from non-toxic materials. Only non-toxic glues are used in their products and components.

Sunflare Saunas is a proud authorized dealer of the Enlighten sauna lines.

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