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We have home and portable infrared saunas for sale that are perfect for outdoors or indoors. Create your own steam room or sauna, or find a traditional steam sauna that would work for your space. If you want both types of sauna heat take a look at the hybrid saunas that incorporate both heat sources together. Our barrel saunas are the preferred choice by lake cabins, but they are great for the back yard too.

Jacuzzi tubs and steam showers are the expanded home spa lines we offer for the perfect bathroom upgrade or remodel. Add more luxury for your own home spa with towel warmers and radiant wall heaters.

New Sauna Models for 2023

Golden Designs has released a new series of indoor infrared saunas with the Himalayan salt slabs in them creating negative ions and cleaning the air while treating your skin during your sauna bath.

Thermory Saunas has put out a series of 4 person barrel saunas with all the quality of their larger barrel saunas. Great design styles.

Dundalk LeisureCraft has added a wider range of traditional outdoor steam saunas for sale in their Canadian Timberline collection. They include a cabin that can accommodate up to 6, a raindrop sauna called the MiniPod and also the smaller Granby sauna for 3. The Serenity barrel sauna is a version with the full front glass and back window to optimize all the views.

Auroom Saunas has managed to craft marrying the old steam sauna traditions with scientifically evolved, cutting-edge technology for the best in an indoor steam sauna bathing experience that is as close to the Finnish original as possible.

SaunaLife offer saunas and an outdoor shower and a wood-fired hot tub. The Outdoor Barrel shower is a perfect compliment to a barrel sauna or a pool in your backyard, and so is their wood-fired Hot Tub a perfect match.

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    Steam Showers & Jacuzzi Tubs

    When upgrading your bathroom with a new remodel, be sure to include a luxury steam shower.

    If the space allows, consider a steam shower and tub combo, so the shower people and the bath people get what they want most.

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    3 Person Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna with Salt Bars

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    Traditional Steam Sauna Bath - Barrel Sauna DIY Kits from Thermory and Dundalk LeisureCraft

    A Barrel Sauna is the Ultimate Outdoor Sauna Bath

    By the lake, cabin, pool or in the backyard, it's perfect year round. With a porch you can cool off and dip back in again. With a rear window you can bring the outdoors in.

    There is a Barrel sauna for any location outdoors.

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