Collection: Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas

Full spectrum in a sauna refers to the type of infrared light that is emitted by the sauna's heating elements. Full spectrum saunas emit three types of infrared wavelengths: near, mid, and far.

Near infrared (NIR) wavelengths have a shorter wavelength and are absorbed by the skin's surface. They are believed to be good for promoting skin health, reducing inflammation, and increasing wound healing.

Mid infrared (MIR) wavelengths penetrate deeper into the body, reaching soft tissue, joints, and muscles. MIR is believed to be good for promoting circulation, relaxing muscles, and reducing pain and stiffness.

Far infrared (FIR) wavelengths penetrate the deepest into the body, reaching organs and tissues. FIR is believed to be good for promoting detoxification, reducing stress, and improving immune function.

Full spectrum saunas are said to provide a wider range of health benefits than traditional saunas because they provide a combination of these three different infrared wavelengths.

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