Collection: Indoor Steam Saunas

If you're looking for a 1-2 Person, 4 person or 6 Person indoor steam sauna kit, we carry a few different brands with features you'll love.

The Enlighten saunas have insulated walls and the indoor version of their units comes with a flat top roof.

Enlighten also has a line of Hybrid saunas that offer both the steam sauna experience and infrared heaters too. Every sauna session take your pick, or get both for two people in the house that have opposing preferences.

Sunray and Golden Designs both have the main wall that is all glass for a great view and it helps prevent feeling too closed in, for those with claustrophobia, or hey, you just want to be able to watch the kids, the dog, or to Netflix and ... heat!

Most indoor steam saunas have radio or Bluetooth speaker systems so you can always destress to a podcast, meditation or your favorite playlist.


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