Collection: Wood Burning Stoves for Saunas

The original steam sauna experience, as started by the Finns in Finland many centuries ago, was had with wood burning stoves that filled the sauna cabin with a soft heat.

With the benefit of technology and design, today you can have the same intense sauna experience with an efficient wood burning sauna stove that also has a beautiful design to compliment your space.

Splash a little water on the rocks of the sauna and the steam will fill your cabin sauna and surround your body with a soft heat that is just like the original saunas had.

The wood burning sauna stoves have additional safety and design features for the modern steam sauna. Some have an extension box so you can feed the stove from outside the sauna, preventing the need to bring wood to burn inside the cabin.

There are also many sauna accessories and sauna heater parts such as heater cages for the rocks to be placed surrounding the stove, and safety rails and flanges so many wood burning sauna stoves can be inset to the benches and the rails aid in preventing touching the hot stove while using the sauna.

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