About Us

We are a family-owned company that understands the desire for home health products that make a difference. Our experience started with chronic health issues and debilitating disease. We found that heat therapy helped in such a great way that we had to share what we had come to believe was a game-changer for many people seeking just such a health product for themselves.

We combined our search efforts with a desire to be a part of the healing industry by opening this store as a competitive and trusted online retailer for saunas, steam showers and other home spa products that pamper you better than you knew you needed.


Sunflare Saunas is an online retailer specializing in infrared saunas, traditional steam saunas and steam showers for heat therapy that will enhance your health, with detoxification, relaxation and quality of living you didn’t even know you were missing.

We are able to bring you some of the very best peace of mind warranties, guarantees and products because we care about our manufacturers and have great relationships with them, just like we want to have with you. 

We also try to carry many complimentary product lines to enhance your buying and health decisions. 

If you can’t find what you're looking for on our virtual showroom floor, than maybe we have to get on the phone with our manufacturers and see if they have the product that’s right for you. It's a simple phone call, email or chat with us and if we don’t know the answer right away, we will find it out for you.

Also, because its personal to us, we contribute a percentage of our net annual proceeds to the social and charitable causes that have helped us the most, such as the brain tumor foundation, epilepsy research foundation and others. Supporting and uplifting others helps make the world go 'round in the best way possible.

There are other places to get a sauna, we know that. We aren’t the manufacturer so the product itself we can’t change, but we do hope you feel the love and understand we are about more than just the 3 dimensional product.  We care about your health and your online shopping experience, that's why we're here.