Collection: Traditional Steam Saunas

Traditional saunas, also called steam saunas or hot rock saunas, use electric heaters or wood-burning stoves that heat the air and heat rocks sitting on top of the heater. Pouring water over the hot rocks creates steam and increases the heat and humidity in the air for your sauna bathing session.

These Traditional saunas are sometimes also called wet/dry saunas because the heaters that are used put out dry heat, and you get wet heat or humidity by adding the water to the rocks. The water immediately evaporates and this creates the steam in the sauna cabin.

Hybrid Saunas

In addition to the wet/dry electric sauna heater, the Hybrid sauna models also have the infrared sauna heaters in them. You can choose to use either source of heat during your sauna bathing session.

Indoor Steam Saunas

Our indoor Steam Saunas are stand alone units that do not require any drains or venting. Once you are done with your sauna session, simply let the moisture evaporate. Or run the heater dry to speed up the evaporation. Wipe down your sauna after every few sessions with a clean, dry cloth.

Check out the SunRay Steam Saunas or Golden Designs Saunas.

Outdoor Steam Saunas

Be sure when you are purchasing a steam sauna for outdoor use that the sauna is rated for the outdoors. Saunas rated for indoors that are used outdoors will likely void your warranty if any damage occurs from outdoor elements.

For high-quality Steam Saunas that are built to withstand the outdoors, we currently have the Dundalk LeisureCraft Barrel Saunas , SaunaLife, Auroom, and SunRay Steam Saunas.

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Yes. Heat relaxes the body and your organs. This reduces blood pressure and improves circulation. It improves your immune system and helps the body let go of tension and stress. Muscles relax and inflammation reduces. Sweating aides the detoxification of chemicals, particles, gases, etc (toxins) that can build up in your bodily systems and contribute to ailments and illness.

Because the heat types are different, they cause the body to sweat a little differently. A steam sauna heats the air, which in turn heats your body and skin and induces sweating which does help to detoxify and relax the body. Infrared waves penetrate the body deeper and by raising the body temperature from its core, the sweat and detox can be more intense.

Yes. Steam and heat can help to break up mucus which is helpful when you have a cold and are congested. Your skin benefits from pores opening and releasing toxins to be easily washed away. A detoxing sweat can draw many body impurities to the surface and this can contribute to acne, but it can also help to clear up acne for the same reason.

The sauna heat helps relax your muscles and joints and helps reduce the build up of lactic acid which can cause pain and stiffness a while after workouts.

Steam saunas can get as high as 85 degrees or more with heat and humidity. If the heat is too much and it is too hard to breath, then its time to leave the sauna. but no more than 20 minutes should be needed. Prolonged exposure can lead to dehydration and other potential problems.