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Hybrid Saunas offer you both of the best in world sauna bathing. They come with both heating types, the electric stove with rocks to create dry heat and steam, and they also come with the infrared heaters, hence 'hybrid' for both.

The hybrid saunas are ideal for people or families that like both heat sources for their sun bathing. The heat types are not to be used together at the same time. You choose which heat source for one sauna session.

Infrared heaters penetrate your body with infrared waves and heat you for the best detox from the inside.

The Harvia electric heaters heat the air of the sauna cabin and can get as high as 180 degrees with steam and humidity after pouring a bit of water on the rocks of the heater. Its a different kind of heat than the infrared waves.

Both hybrid sauna heater options give you choices. You can change up your sauna bathing experience every time.

All Enlighten saunas allow you to choose your roof type: Peaked, Sloped or indoor. The peaked or sloped roof is shingled. The indoor roof is not. The outdoor saunas can be converted to indoor saunas.

Our most popular 2 person hybrid sauna is the Sapphire 2 that has a wood door.

Our most popular 3 person hybrid sauna is the Diamond 3 that has a tempered glass door and two side windows.

Our most popular 4 person hybrid sauna is the Sapphire 4 corner hybrid sauna with a wood door and two side windows.

Our most popular 5 person hybrid sauna is the Diamond 5 hybrid sauna with tempered glass door, 2 windows beside the door and also two other side windows on the sauna side walls.

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A Hybrid Sauna Heater is a Heating System that uses both a traditional Finish rock style heater as well as IR sauna Heating panels. This type of sauna heater provides the most effective sauna heater on the market.