Collection: Hybrid Saunas - Steam & Infrared

Hybrid Saunas offer you both of the best in world sauna bathing. They come with both heating types, the electric stove with rocks to create dry heat and steam, and they also come with the infrared heaters, therefore, 'hybrid' for both types combined.

The hybrid saunas are ideal for people or families that like both heat sources for their sun bathing. The heat types are not to be used together at the same time. You choose which heat source for one sauna session.

Infrared heaters penetrate your body with infrared waves and heat your body from the inside for the best detox.

The electric heaters heat the air of the sauna cabin and can get as high as 180 degrees with steam and humidity, after pouring a bit of water on the rocks of the heater. It's a different kind of heat than the infrared waves.

Both hybrid sauna heater options give you a choice. You can change up your sauna bathing experience every time.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Hybrid Saunas

A Hybrid Sauna is a sauna system that uses both a traditional rock style heater to create steam by pouring water on the rocks, as well as infrared heating panels. You can choose which type of sauna bath you want to have each time. You would not need to have two different saunas if you wanted both types available to you.

It depends on which type of sauna bath you prefer. Both are good. The traditional dry heat with steam heats the air and this in turn heats your body. Temperatures can get high and intense. Infrared is gentler because it does not have to heat all of the air in the sauna to give you the sweat you want. it heats your body core by penetrating you with infrared waves, which are very safe.

Yes, they can be, but you must be careful to not overdo it by staying in a sauna too long and especially if you have a health condition. Always consult your own physician. As mentioned previously, a steam bath has more intense heat than an infrared sauna. One may find it easier to use the infrared daily and the steam sauna occasionally.

The best outdoor sauna, including the hybrid models, have additional protection from the elements, such as a shingled roof. This will protect the sauna from intense sunshine, rain and snow. This will prolong the life of the sauna. With temperature fluctuations in the outdoors, insulated walls make the sauna more efficient to heat the sauna cabin and maintain that heat.

The best hybrid sauna for indoors is one that has a good location with a bit of air circulation around the unit and allows for good ventilation.

Hybrid saunas typically require professional installation and should be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions. A certified electrician should connect the electrical for the heater with rocks, as the steam heat source for your sauna.

The time it takes to heat up a hybrid sauna varies depending on the heating sources used, but it typically takes 20-30 minutes to reach the desired temperature.