Collection: Electric Sauna Heaters

Our Electric Sauna Heaters range from 3 kW to 18 kW. There are many free-standing models that sit directly on the floor and there are other models that are wall-mounted.

All of them feature the latest in sauna heat technology, providing you many years of great sauna baths.

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Common FAQ's about Electric Sauna Heaters

The size of the electric sauna heater you need depends on the size of your sauna. Typically, you should have 1kW of power for every 50 cubic feet of sauna space.

It will not heat the sauna as quickly or efficiently as a 220V heater, which is recommended.

While it is possible to install an electric sauna heater yourself, it is recommended to have a professional electrician install it to ensure it is wired correctly and safely.

The average lifespan of an electric sauna heater is around 10-15 years, but this can vary depending on usage and maintenance.

The time it takes for an electric sauna heater to heat up depends on the size of the sauna and the power of the heater. Typically, it can take 30 minutes to an hour for the sauna to reach the desired temperature.

**Read the care manual that comes with your heater** But typically, to clean your electric sauna heater, turn it off and let it cool completely. Wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap solution. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or steel wool, which can damage the surface.

Yes, you can control the temperature of your electric sauna heater with a control panel that allows for adjustments of thermostat or timer.