Collection: Barrel Saunas

Barrel sauna kits are ideal for the backyard, or by the cabin and come with everything you need except the heater.

Electric sauna heaters or wood-burning sauna stoves are available from several different brands. You will be able to find the perfect heater for the barrel you want.

With sauna rocks (sold separately) placed on the heaters as designed, they heat up very hot and you can pour water on them to create steam. This is a traditional Finnish steam sauna bath.

If you're looking for a quality barrel sauna with wood stove, you can choose a wood stove for your sauna from here. Barrel sauna heater installation instructions are indicated on the product pages and is sent with all heaters.

Both Dundalk Saunas and SaunaLife Saunas are barrel saunas designed that accommodate 3 to 8 people, made of quality wood and will last for many years.

Choose a recommended heater or custom design your own barrel sauna with a heater of your choice from Harvia or HUUM.

A Dundalk barrel sauna roof kit with asphalt shingles is available for purchase. This roofing system will help make it last many years longer, protecting the wood from the elements and is much more efficient than a tarp covering.

All of our barrel saunas for sale are intended for outdoors and all are intended as traditional steam saunas. They do not come equipped with infrared heaters.

For more about barrel saunas, see the FAQ's below.

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Frequently asked Questions about Barrel Saunas

The round shape of the barrel sauna allows for the best heat dispersion throughout the sauna cabin. In a square sauna some air can be trapped in the corners and doesn't circulate as well as in a barrel sauna.

A barrel sauna will last as long as you care for it. It will depend on the quality of wood, the weather elements it is exposed to and simple care. Some saunas can last 20+ years or more.

The cost to build a barrel sauna will depend on the size you want to build, the type of wood you choose and whether you are able to cut the wood pieces yourself, or require hiring out the construction or assembly. For most people, a barrel sauna kit is the most efficient way to go.

The sauna is a barrel shape on its side and uses a heater, either electric or wood-burning, to heat the air in the sauna cabin. Water can be splashed on rocks that sit on the heater to create steam.

Yes, hot yoga is possible in a barrel sauna. A full size barrel sauna can be 7 feet high and comfortable for a regular sized person to stand in. The width can be just as wide. Over the head poses may be a little restricted, but your Reverse Warrior, Bird of Paradise, Downward-Facing Dog and Crow poses should have no problem.

It typically takes about 30 minutes to heat up a barrel sauna whether you're using a wood-burning stove or an electric sauna heater.

A well-maintained barrel sauna can last up to 25 years or more with proper care and maintenance. Do what you can to minimize damage from extreme weather by using a shingled roof kit or waterproof cover.