At Sunflare Saunas we take accessibility seriously and want to provide the best viewing experience for our site visitors, including those with disabilities.

We are always working on our website and striving to meet requirements for WCAG 2.1, but we understand there is always more room for improvement.

We welcome your feedback and input on the accessibility of our site. If any portion of our website gives you difficulty, please let us know.

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Our Accessibility Commitment 
Sunflare Saunas is committed to doing all we can for digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are always improving the user experience of our website.

Our Efforts to Support Accessibility
We aim to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 with our design, development, and content.

We regularly review our website and its content to help ensure a good user experience for everyone.

Technical Specs
The Sunflare Saunas website relies on certain technologies and plugins along with web browsers and website specific code. Following is some of the code we use.