Collection: 1 - 2 Person Saunas

1 to 2 person saunas are ideal for making a sauna bath part of your regular health routine. Whether for health and healing or mainly for relaxation, its a space saver and convenient to adapt to your lifestyle.

A 2 person sauna is approximately 4 feet wide, but models do vary. 

Portable infrared saunas are also available, so they tuck away easily or can be taken to different locations. Such as the Health Mate Essential Comfort Dome Sauna. Perfect for mobile therapists.

Or a half-body infrared sauna, the Health Mate Essential Lounge, which focuses the infrared waves on the lower half of the body so the upper abdomen and head do not have to be in the high heat. Good for seniors and others that have difficulty breathing hot air.

If you want to punch it up a notch and get an infrared sauna with Himalayan salt, which is good for the air, skin and lungs, Golden Designs has new models. The Reserve Edition GDI-8020-022 person sauna with Full-Spectrum infrared and Himalayan salt is what you are looking for.

There are indoor and outdoor infrared 2 person saunas available and several styles for the indoor and outdoor traditional 2 person steam saunas too.

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