Collection: 1 - 2 Person Saunas

1 to 2 person saunas are ideal for making a sauna bath part of your regular health routine. Whether for health and healing or mainly for relaxation, its a space saver and convenient to adapt to your lifestyle.

A 2 person sauna is approximately 4 feet wide, but models do vary. 

Maxxus Saunas brings you a few great choices such as the MX-M306-01 Cedar infrared sauna. Or the Seattle MX-J206-01 sauna that is often sold out due to its popularity for size and affordability.

If you want to punch it up a notch and get an infrared sauna with Himalayan salt, which is good for the air, skin and lungs, Golden Designs has new models. The Reserve Edition GDI-8020-022 person sauna with Full-Spectrum infrared and Himalayan salt is what you are looking for.

There are indoor and outdoor infrared 2 person saunas available and several styles for the indoor and outdoor traditional 2 person steam saunas too.

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