Hot Yoga and Wheelchair Accessible Infrared Sauna

Revolutionizing Home Wellness: A Wheelchair Accessible Infrared Experience

In the realm of home wellness, accessibility and inclusivity are paramount considerations. However, finding a sauna that caters specifically to wheelchair users while delivering an exceptional infrared experience can be a challenge. Enter the Catalonia Sauna – a game-changer in the world of home relaxation, designed with a keen focus on wheelchair accessibility without compromising on luxury or performance.

At its core, the Catalonia Sauna redefines the concept of inclusivity, offering a sanctuary where individuals of all abilities can unwind, rejuvenate, and reap the benefits of infrared heat therapy. Its standout feature lies in its seamless wheelchair accessibility, ensuring that everyone, regardless of mobility limitations, can indulge in the therapeutic effects of sauna sessions.

But the Catalonia Sauna goes beyond mere accessibility – it prioritizes comfort, versatility, and performance to deliver an unparalleled experience for all users. The sauna's wrap-around benches, for instance, are not only invitingly comfortable but also removable, providing ample space for wheelchair maneuverability or accommodating larger groups of friends and family.

For those seeking to integrate their wellness routine with activities like yoga, the Catalonia Sauna offers a spacious interior with nearly 7 feet of height clearance, allowing even the tallest individuals to stretch and move freely. With the benches removed, there's plenty of room to explore various yoga poses and movements, all while basking in the soothing warmth of the infrared heat.

Navigating within the sauna is effortless, thanks to its thoughtful design that prioritizes ample space for wheelchair turning radius. Additionally, there's room to spare for additional seating options, ensuring that companions can join in the relaxation experience without compromise.

Setting the perfect ambiance is a breeze with the sauna's advanced features. An interior and exterior LED control panel allows users to customize the lighting to suit their mood, while the chromotherapy lighting system adds an extra layer of tranquility to the environment. And with the built-in Bluetooth/MP3 player, individuals can enhance their experience with soothing music or guided meditations, further enriching their sauna session.

When it comes to heat therapy, this sauna delivers exceptional performance. Equipped with 23 Carbon PureTech™ Ultra Low EMF Heat Emitters, it provides a deeply rejuvenating sweat session that promotes detoxification, relaxation, and overall well-being. Its 8-person capacity ensures that users can share the experience with loved ones, fostering connections and creating cherished memories.

Crafted with precision and quality materials, including natural Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood construction, the Catalonia Sauna is as durable as it is luxurious. Its clasp-together assembly simplifies setup, allowing users to enjoy their oasis with minimal hassle. And with an extra-wide bronze privacy tempered glass door, accessibility remains a top priority, ensuring that individuals can enter and exit the sauna with ease.

The Catalonia Sauna represents a paradigm shift in home wellness, offering a wheelchair-accessible infrared experience that is second to none. By combining accessibility with comfort, versatility, and performance, it empowers individuals of all abilities to prioritize self-care and embrace relaxation in its purest form. So why wait? Elevate your wellness routine with the Catalonia Sauna and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier you – one relaxing sauna session at a time.

Check out the list of Features:

  • 8 Person capacity
  • Portable comfort benches
  • Bluetooth and MP3 auxiliary connection
  • Interior and Exterior LED control panel 
  • Interior reading lights
  • Chromotherapy lighting system
  • Natural Reforested Canadian Hemlock
  • Clasp together assembly
  • 23 Carbon PureTech™ Ultra Low EMF Heat Emitters (Heating Panels)
  • Extra wide bronze privacy tempered glass door (Wheelchair accessible)
  • Roof vent

Compliant with ADA, although not certified.

Visit this page for more detailed specifics and to view the installation and owners manual.

Catalonia front view

Wheelchair accessible sauna angle view

Wheelchair accessible infrared sauna with ramp

Catalonia interior cutaway showing removable benches

wheelchair accessible infrared sauna with removable benches removed

hot yoga sauna with benches removed - cutaway

Catalonia wheelchair accessible infrared sauna - top view cutaway

The Catalonia: Hot Yoga/Wheelchair Accessible Infrared Sauna

Visit this page for more detailed specifics and to view the installation and owners manual.



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