Steam Shower Tub Combo

Are Luxury Steam Shower Tub Combo Kits Worth it?

When you're thinking of a Steam Shower & Tub combo or any unit to upgrade your bathroom to a luxury home spa, you want all the bells and whistles you can get, but you also want something easily put together, backed by warranties and something that is actually going to release more stress, not cause it.

Take a lot of things into consideration from the space you're putting it in to the people and their preferences that will be using it.

Review the following information that could also help you with your decision making when trying to decide on the perfect steam shower and tub combo for you and your home.

The Advantages to a Steam Shower & Tub Combo Kit

There are advantages to having the steam shower and the tub as a combo unit in a space where you may not be able to have both separately in the same bathroom otherwise. Not everyone has a bathroom with large square footage. An average family bathroom or ensuite does have the room to accommodate the steam shower and tub combination though.

So, the bathtub users can still have a soak whenever they want, and the shower lover can have their preferred option.

With the latest in steam shower and tub combo technology the bathtub lovers can get whirlpool jets, bathtub heaters that keep the water at their preferred temperature and depending on the tub models you could have upgraded faucets, tub shape and more.

The steam shower lovers get to use the steam shower as a regular shower when preferred, but also have the steam shower option when its time to take in the steam and let the heat penetrate deeper.

Steam generators are key to a great steam shower, and they are included when you purchase a steam shower and tub combo kit. We only sell the kits. If you do happen to buy one somewhere else, check that it comes with the steam generator, otherwise you will need to get that separately. The steam generator is situated in the molded shape of the shower surround and there is a specific place for it in the back or underneath the tub.

The steam shower and tub combo kits are great because everything is included. You will get the steam generator, the flexible drain hoses and schematics with the latest UL certified ratings. All the nuts, bolts, and screws are also included. You will need standard bathroom silicone to seal everything up to complete the installation. it isn't a recommendation by all brands, but you can't go wrong going with this one extra step.

Steam Shower & Tub Fabrication Materials

Steam Showers and the tub combinations are fiberglass and acrylic molded systems. They also use aluminum and glass for the doors, hinges, rails, etc.

Everything is molded and shaped to fit together in the kit.

You'll see many models available in various colors or having options to choose from such as the side you want the shower controls on, or a choice of glass. Some units offer the blue glass which is a nice difference from the regular clear glass.

All in, these units can weight 600 lbs to over 1000 lbs and that's without water in them, just the shipping weight.

Some Specifications and Installation

Of course, every steam shower and bathtub combination are going to be a bit different and so all their specs will be specific to particular models, but most can be installed within a day, given that all the needed prep work has been done and it is just the pieces that need to be put together and connected.

Some bathtub and steam shower combos are built as corner units which can sometimes allow for a bigger tub. These tubs can be as much as 67 inches (exterior dimensions, not tub interior).

There are models that let you choose which side you want the shower controls on, which is what you want to get it situated where you have your plumbing. If you’re building new and can place the plumbing wherever you need that, that works with whichever model you prefer, but if you already have plumbing in place, select the right shower and tub combo unit you need for your configuration.

In the USA you’re looking for ETL/UL Certified/listed/approved. The terms are used differently in various places, but all refer to meeting the code requirements for safety.

We don’t offer installation when you buy one of our steam showers, but you can find a local contractor or plumber that should be able to install it for you. You can download the spec and installation manual and forward it to them to give you a quote. Some of our customers are able to do much of the prep work themselves and then get in a contractor to finish up the connections.

To best complete your installation, it is recommended that you seal all seams with a standard bathroom silicone to ensure you won’t have any leaks. Just an extra step for final peace of mind.

Latest Trends in Steam Shower & Tub Combo Designs

The popularity and demand of steam showers and bathtub combo units has instigated great advancements in design of these units too.

In addition to some of the best features you’re certainly looking for in a shower/tub combo for your bathroom such as whirlpool jets, massage jets, foot massagers and rainfall shower head, most combo units come with Bluetooth so you can listen to playlists or even take calls, aromatherapy dispensers for your favorite essential oils, ozone sterilization to clean the air after every shower and even chromotherapy/mood lighting.

Some steam shower tub combo models we sell are considered ‘freestanding’ units, which means you do not need to permanently install them. They can ‘slide’ into place. Of course, that’s easier said than done in most instances. Assembling the steam shower and bathtub combo kit in place where it will sit permanently makes the most sense for most people. Often a bathroom isn’t large enough to assemble the entire kit in one place and slide it into place in another. But you could.

For a few thousand dollars you can get some of the nicest and quite amazing steam showers with bathtub combo units for your home with options such as aromatherapy dispenser, fog free mirror, towel bars, shelves, massage jets, rainfall showerheads, whirlpool jets and mood lighting.

But kick in a little extra and you can even get a steam shower and tub combo unit with radio and Bluetooth speaker system, telephone capability, tv screen and even a refrigerator. 

Our Maya Bath steam shower and bathtub combo units come with TV screens and one model even comes with a fridge! You can keep your drinking water very nearby if you plan on staying in there for a while.

For a lot of people that is more than they need, but whatever the features you have in mind that are right for you in your own home luxury spa, or bathroom remodel, you’ll find them in our steam shower units.

Steam Shower Tub Combo Features

There are obvious and basic features you’ll be looking for.

The first is the steam generator and these are rated in kW (kilowatts).

Of course, you want to see how many jets, faucets, shower heads, etc. There are and where they are located for you.

Keep height in mind. A short person may find some shower jet placement to not be ideal and a tall person may have an issue with jets and even shower heads. Also of course you want to be sure you can easily reach all controls, control pads, mirrors, handles, and screens. A really simple oversight could be sadly disappointing and too costly to rectify after the fact.

Safety Features

Whether you are a young person or not, keep safety in mind. And see what safety features your steam shower and tub combo offer, if any.

Just as an example, our Siena model, which happens to be the one with the fridge, also offers automatic shut-off if the unit overheats, hand grips so you can steady yourself and even an emergency alarm, should you need to use to get help.

Maya Bath Steam Shower & Bathtub Kits

Maya Bath has been in business for over 15 years and have a great reputation. We love selling their steam showers to customers that can’t wait for their fancy unit to show up and we like dealing with the company. They back their warranties and are great to work with if there is an issue.

Mesa Steam Showers & Tub Combo Kits

Another very popular name when it comes to those shopping for steam showers and looking to upgrade their bathrooms. Mesa has the most models that we carry and some are steam shower and tub combos, some are not.

Ariel Platinum Steam Showers

Ariel Platinum is one of the most popular name brands when it comes to steam showers, but they do not have any shower/tub combos.

Athena Steam Showers

Athena steam showers are another brand name that we carry and are popular, but they do not have any units with the tub combo.

Our Models Ship from USA Manufacturers

All of the steam shower and combo units we carry ship from within the United States. This is where the manufacturers are. Many/most of them have portions of their units made overseas, and some have the complete units made overseas. It’s the nature of manufacturing that it is more cost effective most of the time, but when we ship a unit to you, it ships from the United States.

All shipping is curbside. no one carries it in to your home for you, so be prepared to bring it in yourself. That could mean a forklift to get pallets into a garage, or opening the crates and bringing in the pieces to your bathroom location.

Even the tubs are able to fit through regular doorways. You will obviously have to turn it on its side, but it will fit.

If you have any questions about the steam showers & tub combos that we sell, or any other products we sell, for that matter, please contact us.

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