Benefits of Infrared Sauna Heat Therapy

Benefits of Infrared Sauna Heat Therapy

How Does Infrared Heat Work?

The Infrared Sauna uses light to produce heat which directly penetrates and heats your body. It does not heat the surrounding air like a traditional sauna would do, but instead uses infrared lamps. These infrared lamps use electromagnetic radiation which more easily penetrates the human tissue allowing only a little heat to escape into the air. This causes the skin to sweat more intensely and produce greater therapeutic and relaxing effects on the body.

The heat also penetrates quicker than it does in a traditional steam sauna that only heats the air.

The Infrared Sauna heat that penetrates your body:

  • Leaves you feeling invigorated.
    • Infrared saunas remove more toxins and sweat with less heat. This can make you feel like you have exercised yet produces deeper benefits. You avoid the worn-out or exhausted feeling of an actual workout, you feel revitalized instead.
  • Feeling cleaner mentally and physically.
    • Following your sauna session, you will feel refreshed and cleaner from the expelled toxins that have come out through your skin through sweating. Your skin and pores will be cleaner and this can also clean or clear up toxic emotions and thoughts you’re having trouble shaking off.
  • Enhances relaxation and reduces stress. The stress hormone, cortisol, is reduced in the blood stream as the adrenal glands relax and begin to turn off the ‘fight or flight’ state. The cortisol is then reduced in your blood stream and this allows your heart rate to slow down, your thoughts to calm down, more oxygen gets to all your vital organs and begins to wash them in calmness. Tension is expelled through deeper breaths and relaxed muscles. Your body now is awash in your feel-good hormones, the endorphins.

Far Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

From the Far end of the infrared light spectrum, this heat is effective for helping remedy and relieve a multitude of health issues.

Pain Relief

Far-infrared heat can help alleviate inflammation and soothe pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia and others whether chronic or minor. The heat penetrates the joints, tissues and muscles while also stimulating the white blood cells. This also increases circulation and relaxes the muscles, all of which help reduce pain.

Stress Relief

When you are stressed out, your body releases cortisol and adrenaline to help cope with the stress. It’s the body’s natural ‘fight or flight’ response. When this occurs over a long period of time, it becomes detrimental to your health and can lead to fat retention, damage to the immune system, cause depression and insomnia. But when you relax in an infrared sauna, stress is relieved as the blood vessels dilate. The heat helps relax the muscles while the ‘happy’ endorphins released produce mild tranquilizing effects. You will experience calming effects on your body, improved sleep and a clearer mind, all of which helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Weight Loss

Infrared heat increases the heart rate and metabolism just as if you are performing physical exercise. This causes the body to burn more calories, leading to weight loss. Its detoxifying effects can also reduce body weight.


Detoxification boosts your immune system, removes toxins like heavy metals, accumulated medications, chemicals from alcohol, cleaning solutions, food and water. This helps the biochemical process of the body and fights diseases caused by these toxins. Sweating helps with this detox. Research says a Far-infrared sauna helps eliminate seven times more toxins than the traditional sauna. It heats the body directly, causing a deep detoxifying sweat right where the toxins are located.

Improves Heart Health

Infrared sauna heat therapy leads to increased deep body heat which leads to sweating and faster pumping of the heart resulting in increased metabolism, more oxygen to the blood and better circulation. Improved blood circulation also helps in cell growth and organ function.


Your body relaxes and is enveloped by calmness during an infrared sauna session the same as in yoga and deep breathing exercises. Improved blood circulation and less tension in body muscles, allows the relaxation to awash the mind in calming endorphins that allow the state of sleep to envelope the body and turn off the rest of the world successfully, providing much better sleep.

Improves Immune System

The heat helps in the production of more white blood cells in the body which originate in the bone marrow. That’s how deep the heat goes in the infrared sauna. The white blood cells improve the immune system and help fight off a litany of illnesses and even helps with allergies.


From Celebrities to Athletes, Seniors and the Chronically ill, Infrared saunas are helping to heal and bring wellness and happiness with pain relief and improved health in many ways.

How can a Far Infrared Sauna help you and the ones you love?

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