Best 2 Person Steam Saunas of 2024

Best 2 Person Steam Saunas of 2024

When looking for a 2 person steam sauna that is the right one for you and your home, you have options. They range in style, features and price.

Once you've decided that a steam sauna is the way you want to go, you probably already know the approximate size you want. Most people don't want a sauna that is obtrusive in the place they want to put it, such as a bedroom or home gym. So a smaller profile steam sauna is desired and the 2 person models are perfect.

Whether placing it indoors in a bedroom, basement or home gym, or outdoors such as in the backyard, on a patio or in the garage, space is always a consideration.

This is where the 2 person steam sauna can shine the most. It won't take up very much room, and will still provide you all the steam sauna benefits you're looking for.

Steam saunas utilize either an electric heater or a wood-burning stove for heat. Both stove or heater types have rocks that sit in or on them and absorb the heat and radiate it out into the sauna cabin. You can splash a bit of water on the rocks to create the amount of steam you want.

The steam raises the temperature in the sauna cabin and get pretty intense. Without the water on the rocks, the heat and the air in the sauna remain dry heat. We still call it a steam a sauna.

Here is a selection of some of the best 2 person saunas available this year, both for indoors and for outdoors. Keep in mind the steam sauna does require a little more maintenance regularly because it creates moisture and this can become a problem with mold and bacteria if not cleaned or maintained properly.

All steam showers require proper electrical. Please consult an electrician for the requirements you need.

Indoor 2 Person Steam Saunas

Sundsvall - 2 Person Traditional Steam Sauna by Golden Design Saunas

The Sundsvall 2 person steam sauna has had some improvements over the last few years. Its a great indoor steam sauna with a 4 kW stove. The one wall is tempered glass which allows for an open feel. 

Sundsvall 2 Person Steam Sauna

Vulcana - 2 Person Traditional Steam Sauna by Auroom

This sauna is a good indoor steam sauna. You can select an electric heater with rocks of your own choice (sold separately).

It fits 2 to 4 people, has backlit benches and 2 tier seating, and premium accessories such as bucket and ladle, sauna hat and aroma set.

Vulcana steam sauna by Auroom

Baldwin - 2 Person Indoor Traditional Steam Sauna by Sun Ray Saunas

This is definitely one of the most popular indoor steam saunas we carry for indoors. People like the look, the size and the price.

It has a 3 kW electric heater, is made of Canadian hemlock wood and will last many years with a little maintenance.

like the previous saunas mentioned, it too has the tempered glass on the door and a window beside. It comes with the bucket and ladle, hygrometer, sand timer and cup holder as well as the heater.

Baldwin 2 Person Steam Sauna

Baia  - 2 Person,  Indoor Steam Sauna Kit by Auroom

This is a new sauna introduced in 2022 and is a modern, sleek design. It is made of thermo-aspen wood, include the heater of your choice (sold separately), and can be put together in just a few hours.

This is one of the pricier indoor 2 person steam saunas we carry, but the quality and craftsmanship are on a whole different level. These are designed to stand out and be impressive as well as provide a superior sauna experience. 

What you would need to purchase separately for this steam sauna is the heater, the sauna rocks and a controller for the heater. These are not included in the price.

Baia 2 Person Steam Sauna

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