Coronavirus & Your Immune System

Coronavirus & Your Immune System

Covid19 is the novel cornavirus is a respiratory virus that is highly contagious and easily contracted. It is especially dangerous to those with a weakened immune system and underlying health issues.

Although, in its initial appearance on the scene, it didn’t seem to affect children or younger adults as much or as quickly as it did the older generations, it is now known to also appear in all age groups, men and women.

Coronavirus Symptoms

Pneumonia is the leading cause of death from cornavirus, which is an inflammation of the lungs which makes breathing very difficult because oxygen can’t get into the bloodstream through the lungs as easily.

Coronavirus symptoms are said to include high temperature (fever), dry cough, shortness of breath and other similar flu-like symptoms.

Many people may have, or carry the virus without even knowing it. Not everyone experiences the same symptoms, or symptoms to the same degree as another person. The medical professionals do not yet know or fully understand why the virus behaves differently for some than others. Which leads to the need for us to be more concerned. Its affect is unpredictable.

Incubation Period

The incubation period is said to be about 14 days, which is why people that have been knowingly or potentially exposed to others with the virus, are told they must quarantine alone for that period of time. It is to allow time for any coronavirus symptoms to appear, if the person has contracted the virus. If no symptoms appear during that 14 day quarantine, it is likely that the person does not have it or is not carrying it. That is the current belief and understanding.

Flatten the Curve

Quarantine is needed in order to “flatten the curve”. The curve being the large increase on a graph indicating infected persons with the virus. To flatten the curve is to reduce the fast increase in coronavirus cases and that is done by quarantine and isolation to slow the spread of the virus.

Because it is believed that the virus is primarily transmitted from one person to another through water droplets in the air, such as those expelled when we speak and talk with others, or cough and sneeze. This is why it is recommended that as much as possible, wear a mask and avoid touching common items in public, if possible, such as handrails, shared utensils, etc.

Wash Your Hands

It is recommended that you wash your hands often with a good antibacterial soap and avoid touching your face, mouth and eyes, places where the virus might penetrate and travel into your body more readily.

There is still so very much to learn and understand about this virus, but if you can do anything for you or your family, its eat well for optimal health, and build a strong immune system. This is your first defense against anything that can cause illness.

Heat & Saunas

The heat generated from saunas, whether dry, wet, infrared or steam can help to improve your immune system and that of your family. The heat causes the increase of white blood cells in the body, sort of like mimicking a fever, and the white blood cells attack illness in your body, often before you even know there was anything there.

Although the focus here was primarily the coronavirus, much of the same thinking and practice can and should be applied to other viruses too. If you know someone that has the common flu, you'll still want to sanitize the tv remote they use that is shared by others, for example, and you'll want to be careful to wash your hands. Sauna and heat therapy can also benefit someone suffering from the common flu too.

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