Halotherapy/Salt Therapy to Heal the Mind and Body

Halotherapy/Salt Therapy to Heal the Mind and Body

Halotherapy (‘halo’ in Greek means salt)/salt therapy, is a salt based alternative therapy used for everything from respiratory issues to skin healing and mental health.

Salt is a natural disinfectant, antimicrobial and antibacterial. Micro particles of salt are very good for us on many levels and in many ways. Salt therapy on our skin can help to clear dead skin, clear pores, draw out toxins and more. When we breathe in these micro salt particles they get into our lungs and blood and help with everything from respiration and respiratory issues, to blood pressure, and energy levels.

Salt absorbs irritants, allergens, toxins and other pollutants. It is said to break up mucus, reduce inflammation and help clear respiratory airways. So the salt or halotherapy can help alleviate asthma, allergies, COPD, respiratory issues, bronchitis, and smoking related symptoms.

It is said to also absorb bacteria and other impurities that can benefit several different types of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rashes and acne and be of benefit for those struggling with depression and anxiety because salt produces negative ions. One of our happiness hormones, serotonin, is said to be released in our bodies when activated by negative ions entering our system through our skin or breathing.

The benefits of salt therapy were first discovered by a Polish doctor in 1843, Feliks Boczkowski. He noticed that salt miners had better respiratory systems than other miners.

Spas now also create their own salt ‘caves’, or salt rooms where you can purchase time in the room to breathe in the salt air. These are a dry salt therapy method.

There are also wet therapy methods of halotherapy that have been used for centuries.

Drinking salt in water is known to be very beneficial, especially the pink Himalayan salt that can help replenish minerals in our bodies, gargling with salt water is known to help with throat inflammation and rinsing with salt water helps when you have a toothache or inflamed gums. Nasal irrigation with salt water is also known to help the nasal passages with inflammation.

Although breathing the salt air by the ocean is beneficial, it is the concentrated particles of the salt that make salt caves/rooms, or halotherapy itself more beneficial. The concentration of salt particles in halotherapy can be as much as 10 to 15 times more than sea air.

Check out this article about Halotherapy by the American Lung Association.

Infrared Saunas with Himalayan Salt

When you use a sauna with salt bricks installed in them, the heat helps release the salt into the sauna cabin air and you breathe it in. It also lands on your skin so you are getting the salt treatment on the inside and the outside.

During your sauna session in one of our saunas with Himalayan salt, just relax as you normally would and once in a while close your eyes and slow your breathing down a little. Then breath in the air slowly through your nose being aware of passing into your lungs through your nasal passages. You know this salt therapy treatment will be greatly beneficial to you. As you relax the salt goes to work with your body's cells.

With a Golden Designs Himalayan Salt Infrared sauna in your home, you will have regular access to this halotherapy treatment whenever you want. Regularly salt sauna treatments will provide the opportunity for you to experience relief and potential improvement from a great variety of health conditions.

Reserve Edition Infrared Saunas with Himalayan Salt

We have 4 great salt therapy saunas for you to choose from all by Golden Designs.

4 Person Salt SaunaThe Reserve Edition 8040-02 Infrared Sauna with Himalayan Salt is a 4 person sauna with a wall of tempered glass for great viewing and an open look and feel. It is a full spectrum sauna and near zero EMF, so you get the least effects of EMF and you get all the infrared waves from near, mid and far infrared for your healing. The bench is along the back wall and the salt bricks are installed on the panel under the bench by your calves when seated. 

3 Person Salt Sauna

The Reserve Edition 8030-02 Infrared Sauna with Himalayan Salt is a 3 person sauna, exactly like the previous one mentioned. It is also a full-spectrum sauna that provides all the infrared waves, near infrared, mid infrared and far infrared waves with the least EMF's possible. The bench is along the back wall, the one wall is all tempered glass for an open look and feel and the salt bricks are also installed under the bench where your calves are when seated. There is a light behind the salt bricks and they cast a beau8tiful glow in the sauna.

2 Person Salt Sauna

The Reserve Edition 8020-02 Infrared Sauna with Himalayan Salt is the 2 person version of the previously mentioned saunas here. It too is a full spectrum sauna offering all of the infrared waves from near to far, and low EMF's. With a wall of tempered glass, there is no closed in feeling and you can still have a great view. The salt bricks, installed in the panel under the bench by your calves when seated, also light up and fill the cabin with great salt therapy for healing.

3 Person Corner Salt Sauna

The Reserve Edition 8035-02 Infrared Sauna with Himalayan Salt is a corner sauna for unique positioning, and it has a tempered glass door and 2 vertical side windows on either side of the door. The benches are on 2 walls and the Himalayan salt bricks are installed on both panels beneath the benches where your calves are when seated. It is also a full spectrum infrared sauna so you get all the beneficial infrared waves at the lowest EMF's.

All of the above saunas also have chromotherapy and built in Bluetooth speaker systems. 

You can read more about salt therapy/halotherapy here at the Salt Therapy Association.

Salt therapy isn't new therapy. Read more about it here at AmericanSpa.com.

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