Collection: Dundalk LeisureCraft

These are some of the best Canadian made round, barrel sauna kits that look like they were crafted from a whiskey barrel tipped on its side.

The Luna traditional steam sauna is a great 4 person cube sauna that does all that the barrel saunas do, but it has a different shape. Hands down, the most popular choice.

When you buy a traditional steam sauna from the Canadian Timber Collection manufactured by Dundalk LeisureCraft™, you are getting the finest made Canadian Hemlock and Cedar saunas built to last for many years to come.

The beauty of wood is unsurpassed through careful quality control and selection. Dundalk is an eco-friendly company that buys wood from replenishing and sustainable mills that take the environment seriously.

Dundalk LeisureCraft™ is a Canadian owned family business and they have built a proud reputation for quality and integrity. We love dealing with them and do not hesitate to promote these great saunas to our customers.

Sunflare Saunas is a proud authorized dealer of the Canadian Timer Collection.


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