Collection: Indoor Infrared Saunas

The indoor infrared sauna kit is perfect for your home. Whether added to your bedroom, basement, or home gym, it will not create the level of humidity and moisture you will have with a traditional sauna.

The infrared waves will penetrate your body and heat from the inside rather than increase the temperature of the air to such a degree that your own temperature rises, creating the sweat and detox you're looking for.

The indoor sauna kits are pre-made and styled to give you many different looks and design options. From 1- 2 person indoor saunas, 3-4 person saunas and even 6-8 person saunas, you will be able to find one that will work for your space. The larger units can even be made to use for hot yoga or wheelchair accessibility in some cases. 

An indoor infrared sauna could be made of cedar, or eucalyptus or some other good wood type for saunas that is antimicrobial and antibacterial. The wood type is slightly less a concern for the infrared sauna because it does not contend with as much moisture as the steam sauna.

Choose an indoor infrared sauna with more glass if you want more viewing area (think kids, TV, etc) or if you want to avoid a closed in feeling. The ones with less glass offer more privacy.

Indoor infrared sauna kits can usually be assembled in just a few hours if your location and electrical are prepared before-hand. Check with us if you have any questions about the indoor infrared sauna you are most interested in, but they come with all you need. They are practically 'plug 'n play' saunas.


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