Collection: At Home Saunas

Home Saunas are available as Infrared and traditional steam saunas, each offering unique benefits for your home sauna experience. 

The sizes of home saunas range from 1 person space-saving sizes to larger 8 capacity saunas. A larger indoor infrared sauna can accommodate hot yoga or a workout. Small saunas can tuck into a corner and be less obtrusive in a smaller space.

Our diverse selection of home sauna brands include Golden Designs, Dynamic Saunas, Maxxus Saunas, SaunaLife, and Auroom. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation and comfort that comes with having your own home sauna.

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Home Sauna Frequently Asked Questions

Infrared saunas use infrared light waves to penetrate and heat the body directly, rather than warming the air around you. This method allows for a lower ambient temperature while still providing a deep, therapeutic heat.

Infrared saunas typically operate at a lower temperature range of 120°F to 150°F (49°C to 65°C) compared to traditional saunas, which can reach 180°F to 195°F (82°C to 90°C).

Sessions typically last between 20 to 45 minutes. It's best to start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the time as your body acclimates.

Traditional saunas heat the air around you, which in turn heats your body. The heat encourages sweating, which helps with detoxification and relaxation.

Many people use a traditional sauna 2-3 times a week, but daily use is also common and generally safe for most people.

Yes, traditional saunas can help alleviate pain by improving blood circulation and relaxing muscles, making them beneficial for conditions like arthritis and muscle soreness.

Wearing a towel, swimsuit, or light clothing is common. Nudity is also an option, depending on personal preference and cultural norms.