Collection: Dynamic Saunas - Indoor Infrared Saunas

The Indoor Infrared Saunas by Dynamic Saunas are made with high-quality Canadian hemlock fir and are built with ease of assembly in mind. One of North America's most popular sauna brands.

The Dynamic Saunas are ideal for the home gym, bedroom, basement or garage. They range from 2 person sauna sizes to 6 person sauna sizes.

They are low EMF and Far infrared for some of the best infrared sauna sessions with Bluetooth speakers, chromotherapy lighting, interior & exterior controls and much more.

Our most popular 2 person Dynamic saunas is the Cordoba low EMF Far infrared sauna with 6 carbon heating panels.

The Lugano Full-Spectrum Infrared sauna with 9 total heat emitters is the most popular 3 person Dynamic sauna.

The most popular 4 person Dynamic sauna is the Bergamo low EMF infrared sauna with 8 heat emitters.

The Monaco is the 6 person Dynamic sauna with 15 infrared heat emitters.

Dynamic Saunas ship from California, USA.

See what the Scott Brothers did with a Dynamic Sauna they built into a master bathroom for Ren & Scott.

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